Loss Prevention Awareness Campaigns

Behavior modification is not just a significant part of the most successful Loss Prevention and Asset Protection programs. It is the entire root system. Employees not only need to be taught what is expected of them, but they also need to be inspired to actually do what is expected of them. This cannot effectively be accomplished in a new-hire orientation class. It also cannot be accomplished by hanging an occasional shrink education memo in the employee lounge. And, much to the surprise of many, it cannot be done by store managers regurgitating the LP message-of-the-month to the employees during weekly huddles or team meetings.

The most effective way to communicate a loss prevention message is directly from the LP leadership to each individual employee, and that can only be done with a comprehensive Loss Prevention Awareness program that communicates relevant information in a way that inspires employees to perform at the level expected of them.
The Calibration Group has mastered the art of communicating LP and Safety messaging in a way that truly inspires action!

Calibration has created a multitiered awareness offering called the Behavior MODBOX™. If you’re looking for a completely custom awareness campaign with video, print, text contests, recognition campaign – we have the solution for you!

If you need a more standard, budget-based solution – we’ve got you covered! We have a simple solution that makes a monthly awareness program easy to execute while truly inspriring action within your employee base!


Check out a quick video preview of our work!

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Corporate Culture Campaign™

We create and execute Corporate Culture Campaigns™ that elevate and energize a company’s existing culture.  We do this through internal communication such as print, electronic, social media and special events that create an undeniable buzz of energy!

After a thorough review of your existing communication channels, we recommend a strategy that is cost-effective but most importantly action inspiring!  Some of our methods of implementation include technology such as online quizzes, video and training as well as texting, QR codes or social media applications.  We also offer more traditional delivery methods of communication such as print posters, brochures and presentations.


Why Calibration?

What makes us different is we understand the science of behavior modification and how that translates into an overall transformation of your corporate culture – not just a simple awareness campaign, we inspire action!


Curious about the numbers?

Calibration recently engaged with a client that didn’t have a monthly awareness campaign.  After a thorough assessment of this client’s communication vehicles, Calibration offered a cost-effective structure that included print, video production, interactive elements and monthly quizzes.  The first month achieved 70 percent participation across 16,000 employees.  The current average has hovered around 90 percent participation!  The point is simple.  Meet the associate where they live within your culture.  Still curious?  Let’s chat.  We have more examples where that came from.