Re-inspiring Your Brand
At Calibration, we can re-inspire your audience by completely rebranding your company or internal department.  We’re working with equity firms and investment bankers who purchase companies needing new marketing strategies.

This includes everything from new company names, logos, slogans, product re-positioning, Web sites, sales training, audience assessment and targeted lead generation.

But we don’t stop at the external strategies.  You can’t forget about your most important asset – your people!  Calibration creates employee morale-enhancement strategies that re-inspire your workforce not only as employees striving together toward a common goal, but as people making choices in their everyday lives.

Re-inspiring Your Sales Team

Being part of a Solutions Provider’s sales team has its challenges, especially in the retail Loss Prevention industry. There are several reasons for this. Most notably is the fact that Loss Prevention departments are not considered to be a revenue-producing part of the organization. Therefore, requests for capital are often more scrutinized than other departments such as Marketing or Operations.

The Calibration Group’s Competitive Edge private sales training seminars reveal the elusive road map necessary to navigate these most difficult challenges and will give your Sales team the tools necessary to exponentially improve their potential to close the sale. This is the Competitive Edge you’ve been looking for!

Calibration’s Competitive Edge Sales seminars are taught by David E. George, CFE, CFI, who is the former Vice President of Asset Protection for the nation’s largest discount retail chain, and by Amber Bradley, LPQ, who is the industry’s leading branding, communications and social media expert, and founder of the Calibration Group, LLC.

In this one-day seminar, you will learn how to build a compelling social media profile, how to get a meeting with your LP executive prospect, how to research his or her needs before the meeting, and what to say (and not say) during the first 2 minutes.

You will also learn how to overcome the following obstacles and shorten the sales cycle:

  1. “I don’t have the budget.”
  2. “ I’m happy with my current provider.”
  3. “ I just can’t see the ROI with your product.”

Contact Calibration today to discover how to re-inspire your sales team to truly overcome the most common, yet challenging objections!

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to sell to a Loss Prevention Executive, from a Loss Prevention Executive!