Calibration Group Provides Free Hotline Posters for Schools

Posted by David George, CFI, CFE on February 23, 2018

In light of the tragic school shootings impacting communities across the nation, the Calibration Group, LLC, had to act by providing schools with free hotline posters designed to help students confidentially report information that may help prevent future acts of violence.

“We understand active shooter situations are extremely complex problems, but one thing we can do is provide schools an eye-catching poster that reminds kids to report their concerns,” said Amber Bradley, owner of the Calibration Group. “Peer pressure can be extremely difficult to deal with for many students. The fear of being labeled a ‘snitch’ or even the fear of being wrong can cause students to remain silent when they have concerns about the behavior of other students. The recent school shooting in Florida has inspired many citizens to find ways to help solve this horrific trend. We at Calibration want to do our part, and hope that our contribution will help prevent other horrific events from occurring in our schools,” she said.

“These free hotline posters were in no way created to replace existing information reporting programs that law enforcement or other groups may already have in place,” said David George, Managing Partner for the Calibration Group. “They were designed to not only complement existing programs, but to accommodate schools who may not have the resources to implement such an initiative on their own.”

Any school wishing to download the various hotline posters for free created by The Calibration Group, LLC, can do so by visiting or by clicking:


For Elementary school campuses:


For Middle School, High School or College campuses:

Option 1: “We’re Counting on You”

Option 2: “Right to Remain Silent” (female image)

Option 3: “Right to Remain Silent” (male image)


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