CLEAR Taps TalkLP to Execute its Annual Conference

Posted by Amber Bradley on January 18, 2022

CLEAR has selected TalkLP to execute its National Conference in Orlando November 8-10, 2022 in Orlando, Florida. 

Nashville, TN, (January 18, 2022) – The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) selects TalkLP, a subsidiary of Calibration Group, to execute its 2022 National Conference. TalkLP will strategize and execute the CLEAR conference designed to provide a value-packed experience for both the attendees and solution provider partners.   TalkLP responsibilities include coordinating on-site logistics, production, marketing, promotion, and emceeing the conference.

“CLEAR has seen incredible growth and success over the last few years with our Annual Conference,” said Ben Dugan, President of CLEAR.  “We believe TalkLP’s skill in executing superior conference experiences will take CLEAR to the next level for both our attendees and valuable solution provider partners.”

“CLEAR is widely considered a leading authority in the battle against Organized Retail Crime (ORC), and TalkLP is thrilled to partner with such a highly-respected organization,” said Amber Bradley, owner of TalkLP.  “We’re excited to help CLEAR achieve their goal of elevating the overall conference experience for all law enforcement and retail leaders, while providing additional visibility and value to the solution provider partners through our TalkLPnews app, as well as on-site sponsorship and networking opportunities.”

In addition to executing the CLEAR conference, TalkLP executives Amber Bradley and David George, CFI, will join the CLEAR Executive Advisory Board as members.

Additionally, CLEAR will continue its successful partnership with the Florida Law Enforcement Property Recovery Unit (FLEPRU) for its 2022 conference in Orlando. FLEPRU President and CLEAR Vice President, Sergeant Rich Rossman added, “The new partnership with TalkLP further solidifies the law enforcement commitment to partnering with retailers and supports the FLEPRU mission to instruct on the most current events, trends and solutions to the rising threats and violence surrounding property crimes.”

For more information about the CLEAR Annual Conference or to solidify your sponsorship opportunity, contact Amber Bradley here.


The Coalition of Law Enforcement and Retail (CLEAR) is a non-profit, non-partisan national association founded in November 2008 by a group of Law Enforcement and Retail Loss Prevention professionals partnering in the fight against Organized Retail Crime. The Coalition provides a forum for public and private sector members to collaborate on improving the safety of our communities and advancing the profession of its membership.

 About TalkLP
The TalkLP™ brand and its products are owned and operated by the Calibration Group, LLC, which was founded in 2013 by Amber Bradley. The Calibration Group provides Loss Prevention Awareness campaigns for retailers to train and educate their employees on lowering shrink, improving safety, and improving customer service. Calibration also provides marketing services for solutions providers specifically in the retail industry. In addition to TalkLPnews, TalkLP also publishes industry-related podcasts to keep listeners updated on current topics. TalkLP podcasts can be found at,, and on the TalkLPnews app available at GooglePlay and the iOS App Store.

The first recovery unit in the United States, the Florida Law Enforcement Property Recovery Unit (FLEPRU) has answered the problem of increasing the recovery of stolen property and placing the guilty parties in jail for more than 30 years by creating an educational resource for detectives and law enforcement. FLEPRU recognizes and facilitates information exchanges on both the state and national level and effectively tracks and recovers stolen goods to private and commercial victims.