How to Re-Inspire Employee Engagement

Posted by Amber Bradley on March 10, 2016

Why Employees Matter More Than Customers

Your employees are the face of your brand.  When employees know all aspects of your product and process, then they are positioned to make the best first impression.  Employees control the customers’ shopping experience. An engaged employee engages with customers.  Engaged customers buy your products and fall in love with your brand.

Sounds great, but the reality is over 70 percent of employed Americans are considered to be disengaged employees.  That is three-quarters of your team not engaging with customers.  How long can your business afford those missed purchasing opportunities?

10 Shocking Stats about Employee Engagement
10 Shocking Stats About Employee Engagement
To stay connected with our employees’ engagement, organizations need to broaden their view of where employees are being motivated.  Employees are now influenced on a global level not just an immediate workplace level.

Take Advantage of the 6 Global Megatrends

Organizations with the highest employee engagement achieve 2.5 times the revenue growth.  The Hay Group Leadership 2030 research identified six megatrends that are negatively impacting employee engagement:

1) Globalization 2.0: An economic shift of power is occurring from the West to the East.

The Advantage: Globalization simply means employees are learning how to cooperate with not only their coworkers but people of many cultures.  Widen your perspective and equip your employees with the necessary skills to communicate on a global level.

2) Environmental Crisis: The environment is becoming more important to people.

The Advantage: Employees will become more concerned over environmental sustainability. Listen.  When your employees feel heard they continue their trust in the organization.

3) Demographic Change: Aging populations are changing the global workforce and antagonizing the battle for talent.

The Advantage: Ensure you are investing in your entire population of workers.  Developing and mentoring your employees will help to inspire employee engagement and demonstrate your commitment to them.

4) Individualism: With the freedom of choice comes fickle loyalty.

The Advantage: Individually recognize individuals and enable knowledge-sharing.  Celebrate the individuals of the team.

5) Digitization: the workplace is going online and remote.

The Advantage: Constant access equals non-stop opportunity to grow skill sets.  Help employees develop their individual skill sets.

6) Technological Convergence: Transformative technology is changing everyday life and new product markets.

The Advantage: Change can breed uncertainty, but transparency fosters confidence.  Communicate clearly and honestly, and employees will remain connected to the organization’s journey.

Serve the Employee First, Customer Second

Taking advantage of the changing business environment is optimum, but it is also time to change who the organization’s leaders are truly serving.  If leadership only drives to serve customer’s than the needs of the employees are overlooked.  When employees’ needs are neglected, this continual offense disengages employees.  As a leadership team, review the goals of the organization with your employees.  Identify what information and resources the employees will need to reach those goals.  Serving the employee first, empowers the employee to exceed customer expectations.

Inspire Employee Action with the Calibration Group

Partner with Calibration Group, LLC to help serve your employees and inspire a revolution of re-engagement.  Calibration Group offers customized engagement programs to re-inspire your employees’ loyalty and zeal for your organization’s success.  With a personalized employee engagement strategy, Calibration can help you establish a corporate culture of success.

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