Learning from the Best

Posted by Amber Bradley on February 12, 2014

Always Learning from the Best

You just read what Calibration specializes in: inspiring action through both traditional and nontraditional marketing.  Our methods are cutting edge and flexible so we can change with the ever-changing marketplace.  But most importantly so we can learn.

We believe checking your ego at the door is vastly important to the process.  Rapid learning and adaption is critical in such a multi-generational world of constantly changing technology.

It’s our philosophy to research, read, study and understand trends as they’re happening.  The world of marketing is evolving and if you’re not staying on top of the latest research, Facebook changes and social newbies, you’re at the bottom.

At Calibration, we subscribe to the methodology of providing a high-level of value to your target audience by creating and curating content they can use in their daily lives.  We also believe that your brand should mean something to your audience.  To inspire action, a brand must evoke an emotional connection with its audience.  We believe that connection is essential to truly cause the desired action.

Take a look at a perfect example from the content marketing master themselves: The Coca-Cola Company.  This video is an example the type of emotional appeal and connection Calibration can build for you to reach your target audience.
Check it out: