Retail’s Problem that is 7 Times Greater Than ORC

Posted by David George, CFI, CFE on January 20, 2016

Loss Prevention & Asset Protection professionals have always been in the business of managing inventory, though many may have never considered this perspective. But through the natural evolution of business, we find ourselves at a crossroads that can only be described as profound. With the release of Calibration’s whitepaper entitled, Stock-On-Hand: The Retail Problem That’s 7x Greater Than ORC,  the entire retail LP/AP profession is now in possession of powerful knowledge.

The question now is, what will be done with this knowledge?

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The Calibration Group’s whitepaper concludes with two most provocative questions: What business should LP professionals be in? Should they continue to focus much of their energy in the Asset Protection business, or should they begin to evolve, as many progressive LP teams have done, and begin taking part in the Asset Management business?


David E. George, CFE, CFI is the former Vice President over Asset Protection for Dollar General Stores. With more than 12,200 stores in 43 states, Dollar General is America’s largest small-box multi-price point discount retailer. While serving Dollar General, David was responsible for the Asset Protection field team, the Corporate Asset Protection team, the Shrink Improvement team, and the Shrink Analytics team.  David also worked in tandem with the Dollar General Inventory Management team to improve stock-on-hand while simultaneously reducing stockroom inventory.

Prior to Dollar General, David held the Vice President of Asset Protection position with Harris Teeter Supermarkets, Inc., a regional chain based out of Matthews, NC. He served Harris Teeter for over 14 years, and has had previous loss prevention leadership roles with Kmart Supercenters. David has over 19 years of Asset Protection and Loss Prevention experience and currently serves on FMI’s Asset Protection Council. As VP over Asset Protection, David was also responsible for Safety, Bad Check Expense, Cyber Security, and led the Customer Service Improvement Team. Harris Teeter Supermarkets have been innovative in finding ways to improve employee safety and morale.

David George is a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and a Certified Forensic Interviewer (CFI), and is well known as an excellent motivator and speaker specializing in creating paradigm shifts within corporate cultures.