Top 3 Reasons We’ve Neglected Our Blog

Posted by Amber Bradley on October 30, 2014

How good is a content marketer without a current blog?
Great question! We’re glad you asked.

The first rule of a phenomenal content marketer is to keep your content fresh and consistent! Well, we have broken the golden rule and if you visit our website (you can subscribe to our blog using the link to the right …hint, hint!) you won’t find any new content, except for this entry which I call Our Confession Blog.

*Disclaimer: none of the following “fabulous reasons” are meant as excuses for neglecting our blog, but we hope the information below will divert your attention away from our neglected, but nonetheless valuable, blog, at least for the time being.

1. We have some awesome clients.
At Calibration we are extremely grateful to be growing at a rapid pace.  In the last few months we’ve added several clients that have keep us super busy researching, developing brand strategy, and implementing innovative Corporate Culture Campaigns®.  We’ve also been managing social presences, websites and blogs. 

Check out some of our clients (and their blogs):

–          International Association of Interviewers

–          Checkview Corporation

–          Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates

–          Wicklander-Zulawski & Associates social presence:

It’s been incredibly satisfying to help our clients create compelling content as together we begin to transform their overall marketing strategy while focusing on providing value to their publics.

2. We’ve made some incredible (and incredibly fun) videos.
We have had an absolute blast working with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) to create and implement its new FMI X-Change brand.  This new initiative is focused on creating educational content to kick-start its motto of “thinking differently” in the market place.

Here’s an example:
The FMI X-Change Brand featuring i3 International:

FMI Asset Protection Daily Wrap Ups
Calibration was fortunate enough to help Rhett Asher, Vice President of Asset Protection, Data Security & Crisis Management for the FMI, host his Asset Protection conference this year in Jacksonville, FL.  In partnership with the Calibration video production team, we created some pretty entertaining daily wrap-ups.  But the question isn’t are the videos fun and interesting….it’s: Are you gonna ride the bull?

Corporate Culture Campaign® Videos
Not only have we been busy creating super cool marketing videos for our client the International Association of Interviewers (IAI) – check it out below – but we’ve also been knocking out videos focused on behavior modification.  We believe the backbone of a good Corporate Culture Campaign® is its ability to inspire and entertain associates to take action.  If you’d like some examples of these videos, give us a shout!  We’d be happy to share some examples with you.

3. We’ve hired some incredible talent.
The common theme of this blog is absolute gratitude because, besides new clients, Calibration is super grateful for two new additions to our team.

We’ve added a new team member.
Meet Donna Murphy. Donna brings extensive experience in loss prevention, marketing, sales and project management to Calibration.  Read more about Donna’s story here.

Donna joins Calibration as a Senior Brand Manager and is responsible for the daily operations of Calibration as well as implementation of killer marketing solutions for our jazzed clients.  We’re ecstatic to add such a seasoned loss prevention and marketing professional to our team!

We’ve also added to our speakers’ bureau.
Meet Chalmers Brothers.  Chalmers is an accomplished author, executive coach and TEDx speaker.  Chalmers is one of the most talented speakers we’ve ever heard.  He presents new ideas about leadership, self-perception, conversations and how to achieve results.  His message of creating and fostering a culture of commitment is a perfect complement to Calibration’s Corporate Culture Campaign® methodology.

Check him out here:

Ok, bottom line. We’re committing to being the fabulous content marketer you are expecting (and illustrated by the above entry) and will be updating our blog often in the future.  You heard it here first!

Check back often or why not subscribe?
We’ll be surprisingly consistent…that’s our confession!