Was I Making It Count?

Posted by Amber Bradley on February 12, 2014

Have you ever been reluctant to try something?

You tell yourself all these reasons why it won’t work, why you can’t succeed or why the proverbial deck is stacked against you?  But then, something changes.  That deck doesn’t seem so tall and all the sudden obstacles start to crumble and it’s time.  Your time.

You gather up your courage, your grit and tenacity and you set out to live your dream.  My story started that way and I’m sure it’s a similar story for all those with a heart for adventure.

I can actually pin-point my first thought of following my dreams which is kind of weird.  I was, as they say “searching for the right career fit” ever since I graduated school.  I’m passionate about creating ideas, executing strategy and inspiring action.  Not so much passion for politics, red tape and egomaniacs. Ok, back to my moment of clarity.  I was working on an internal customer service campaign for a client of mine, working for the proverbial “man” when a dear friend of mine sent me a video.  Not just any video.  A video that woke up a certain part of my brain I didn’t know I had.  DING!  The light bulb flickered, then started to glow..brighter and still brighter!

After reading some quotes embedded in the message of this video:
“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.” – Helen Keller
“You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.” – Mae West
“One who makes no mistakes makes nothing at all.” – Giacomo Casanova

I was left wondering was I making it count?  Was I living my dreams when we only have so many trips around the sun?  The video and quotes within it started me thinking…more like jump-started me thinking!

Turns out, I was reluctant to try something on: my dreams.  But living them now feels like the most fabulous blessing I could imagine.  I tried it on and to be honest, I’m not surprised.  It fits.

Curious at what video I refer to above?  Check out this Nike advertisement created by Casey Neistat, #makeitcount.