We asked, You Answered…and We’re Stoked

Posted by Amber Bradley on August 15, 2015

Our survey results are spectacular, and we are wickedly committed to working hard to maintain your level of trust! Check them out…

Calibration recently conducted a client satisfaction survey to gain insight on the perception of our company and the work we produce from our clients’ perspectives. Well, our clients answered the survey and the results are in! We are very excited to share a few of the findings with you!

When we asked our clients to comment on the statement, “We (Calibration) understand your needs and objectives,” 9% of our respondents agreed, and 91% strongly agreed!  This is great news! At Calibration we strive to understand our clients’ business and pride ourselves at truly being an extension of their team, especially when determining what course of action is the best plan. Getting to know our clients and their businesses in-depth is our priority at Calibration.

In the survey, the statement, “Overall, we take care of our clients,” was meant to evaluate the success of our efforts in putting the needs of our clients first. Once again, 9% of our respondents agreed and 91% strongly agreed!  We are committed to knowing everything we can about each and every one of our valued clients. We never want to forget that we succeed by making our clients successful. We have amazing clients and the trust and faith they put into our team is what makes it all possible.

This leads me to another survey result that I would like to share. We are constantly monitoring our client relationships to ensure we are exceeding expectations. To do that, we asked our clients to evaluate the statement, “We listen and take constructive feedback.” We were very happy to learn that 91% of our clients strongly agreed. But this is not good enough! We want our clients to know we are always listening! We strive to cultivate excellent client rapport. If our clients ever have any concerns we encourage them to let us know. On next year’s survey, we want the responses to be even better than this year’s!

Some of our clients had comments to add to the survey and we really appreciate their positive input. One respondent told us, “You and your crew are doing a great job for us! We couldn’t do it without you!” Another client gave us accolades for “open dialogue and a real ‘what can we do for YOU’ attitude that resulted in a great campaign!” There were other wonderful words from our clients, but the one I would like to end with is this: “Calibration is the driving force which has taken our organization to the next level.” So thanks one and all… it was great to hear from you!

Yes, we were extremely happy with our survey results and yes, we will strive harder than ever to make you truly value Calibration as a full-service marketing and communications firm that specializes in customizing marketing solutions just for you!