Win the Social Media Popularity Contest

Posted by Amber Bradley on November 18, 2014

Feel overlooked?  No one is noticing you?  You can remain invisible or step into the spotlight of social media.  Follow these social media tips and be seen.  Online Business Coach, Pooja Lohana, at highlights how to reach instant social media popularity.

Step One:  All you need is The Big Four

You don’t need to be on every social media platform.  Stop the hair pulling and the sleepless nights.  The social media platform you plan to focus on has more to do with your business goals than how many “likes” you’ll receive.

Lohana promises you may only need the Big Four:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn

From there, you can decide if there are other social media platforms that will be effective for your target audience like YouTube, or community based social platforms like Tumblr or StumbleUpon.  But don’t stretch yourself too thin, quality is still better than quantity even in social media.

Step Two:  Set YOUR Right Goal

Decide what you want from your social media efforts.  Fame? Fortune? Brand awareness? The number of followers does not matter unless they are engaged.  How do you engage the masses?

It’s easy!  Don’t make people think, demands Damian Farnworth at Copyblogger Media.  It is the law of the web.  He explains your readers should know what you want them to do in four seconds or less.  Four seconds!  Boss ‘em around.  They’ll appreciate you for it.

When posting, focus on benefit vs feature.  Consumers want to know what’s in it for them.  For example, Social Media Examiner posted a tweet, “Take the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Survey.  Participants Get a Free Copy.”  In just nine days, Social Media Examiner had 2887 participants!  Don’t ask, tell them.

Step Three:  Make it an Unbreakable Habit

Schedule routine posts throughout the week.  Post the weekly discount, Tip Tuesday, or Freaky Friday Give Away.  With the daily/weekly consistency of posts, your invaluable consumers will increase their dependency on YOU!

Yes, it sounds so simple.  But who has an extra hour in a week let alone a day?  How will you know the right time to post?  Is it even the right content to post?

Step Four:  Don’t be a Fool, Re-Tool your Approach

Maximize your social media efforts and utilize the tools already available.  You can outsource the responsibilities for a reasonable fee, or simply DIY.

Tools will:

-oversee several social media accounts at once (Buffer),

-tell you the best time to post (Tweroid),

-help you generate the best and original content (Swayy),

-manage your posting schedule (Oktopost),

-know what they are saying about you (Topsy),

-capture their attention.  Social media is visual media.  Sites like compfight provide captivating images for you to attach to your posts.  Insight an emotional reaction from your viewers, and they will be inspired in action toward your business.

Step Five:  Your number one fan is your only fan!

To reach them all, you need to just reach one.  Be mindful of your audience.  Copywriter and marketer, Henneke Duistermaat, reminds bloggers to write for their number one fan.  She challenges them to provide content for what their number one fan wants.  Accept her challenge and answer the following questions about your number one fan:

  • What are their dreams/struggles?
  • Which difficult decisions do they have to make?
  • Which hot industry topics do they follow?
  • Which mistakes do they make?
  • Which buying decisions do they need to make?
  • Which resources could educate them?
  • What could experts teach them?
  • What questions do they have?

Know your number one fan and give them what they want!  They’ll give you their loyalty in return.

Social Media Examiner reported 66% of marketers saw lead generation benefits and 95% increased business exposure by investing only 6 hours a week in social media.  The results are real!