Yes, it’s a Credo

Posted by Amber Bradley on February 12, 2014

Calibration coined the term Corporate Culture Campaign™ not just because it’s a snappy name. We believe any communication campaign, especially internal, has to start with the right focus and the right intent: inspiring your people to take action.

After an intensive analysis of your current culture, existing communication structure and desired message, Calibration emerges with a structured formula that will inspire your audience to take action in a concrete and measureable way. It’s not a long process, but definitely a critical first step in understanding the intricacies of your people and message.

Whether your company is emerging from an acquisition or you’re a loss prevention professional trying to tackle your shrink percentage, the Calibration team knows how to inspire action by connecting your people to your message in a unique, engaging way and then measure it.

But you can read all that on a web site…or marketing collateral…what does it really mean?
Glad you asked.

It’s telling your associate that you care about them. Shhhhhhhhh…don’t tell anyone our secret sauce. Joking, clearly. It takes a special type of company to create engaging campaigns that rise above the noise…campaigns that actually articulate to your associates that they are more than worker bees. Build trust with them and guess what? They will trust you. They will engage in your efforts because you trust and respect them as people. I’m finding that might be a novel concept today, but trust me, when it comes to Corporate Culture Campaigns™ — It works. And it works because…here’s the kicker: It’s true.

Just ask one of our recent clients that kicked-off one of our “mind-blowing events.” Calibration put together an event that internally re-launched this company not only to the public, but more importantly, to their associates who had endured a great deal throughout the company’s recent history. One of the attendees stated, “After attending this event, I now have hope. I’m re-energized and can’t wait to help restore our company to the level of performance we once held.”

We started with the foundation of the company: it’s mission, or in this case, its Credo. Pictured here is a new visual communication piece that articulates this credo to all who enter its doors. It’s the foundational belief that says: we are more than a company, we are people that actually believe in what we do every day…and we believe in you.